The Comment Conundrum

I call it the Comment Conundrum.  And by conundrum I refer to 2B:

“an intricate and difficult problem”

So just what is the conundrum? Well it appears that I am suddenly unable to comment on not just one blog but many, or at least I am unable to do so from my home office. I am not sure when I first noticed that my comments weren’t appearing on posts until around late Tuesday night. Initially I thought that my comments might be held for moderation so I waltzed around the net and tried posting in many different places and found that on most I was unable to do so.

For a moment I stopped and scratched my head- tried to determine just what was going on. I am tech savvy but not an IT professional by any means. I tried using Dr. Google to see if the sages contained therein might have some answers for me. I searched high and low but found just a couple of things that seemed to make sense. Went and clicked through on a few of them and found a suggestion that maybe my IP had been blacklisted.

A blacklist? What happened? Have I been transported back in time? Am I being investigated by HUAC and Senator McCarthy? WTF I thought, this makes no sense to me. So I decided to ask for help. I used ancient technology known as a landline and contacted AT&T. Good old AT&T who took 90 minutes of my time to determine that they didn’t have a freaking clue as to why I seem to have been locked out.

It is strange and bizarre this occurrence and I don’t get it. But to be honest I don’t have a lot of faith in the help that I received from the fine folks at AT&T. It is not a knock against the first tier or second tier support but something seems off here and I am not quite sure what. Technology is a funny thing and I won’t be surprised if the comment conundrum disappears as quickly as it arrived or if it stays a while longer.

Pretty weird stuff if you ask me. Not as important as so many other things, but important enough for me to take a moment of my time to mention it here. And if it should come to pass that you find 129 comments from me on one post, well I apologize profusely.  I tried a number of things and failed to fix it. And then just for good measure I gave Remote Access to a rep who spoke limited English but knew enough to keep trying to post comments on a few blogs.

Good times.

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