It Was My Favorite Toy

Big Wheel

For a few moments in time my Big Wheel was my favorite toy. There was nothing better, cooler, faster or more interesting to me. Unless you consider the Mach 5 but that wasn’t something that I ever saw sold in a store so…

Confession: If I am driving and the song from the second video comes on you better tighten your seat belt because it turns into a an E-Ticket Ride.

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  • San Diego Momma


    The yellow, blue and red ones. I used to “deliver mail” in mine. Just me and my Big Wheel whizzing down the block, knocking into my neighbors’ mailboxes!

    • Jack

      They were so much fun. I never did deliver mail, but I might have been the milkman.

  • Jen

    Jenny, my Fisher Price doll. She looked just like me. Until I gave her the chicken pox with a blue ball-point pen and my mom put her in the washer and then–oops–the dryer, replacing the pox with red blotchy melted spots on her face. Fortunately, I grew up with a better complexion. Ah. Thanks for the memories!

    • Jack

      “Red blotchy melted spots” That sounds like what I tried to do to one of my sister’s dolls.

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  • Aidan Donnelley Rowley

    Now you have me trying to remember my favorite toys over the years… So much fun to go back!

    • Jack

      Ok Aidan, what is the answer?