How To Write The Perfect Blog Post

You can assign blame to Erin for leading me to read the post called Why Crazy People Make Better Bloggers and you can blame Lori for asking Do You Dare To Disagree?

And while we are out assigning blame you attribute my writing this post at 1:30 AM to the extra large cup of coffee that I drank at 9 P.M. Damn if I didn’t forget that I am not a junior whose classes don’t begin until noon. It is not going to feel good in the morning and it is not because I have been imbibing anything harder than the coffee dispensed by my Keurig.

Tell me dear reader, do you really believe that you can write the perfect blog post? Or maybe the question is do you think that I can tell you how to write the perfect blog post?

The Answer Is

The answer is that I most certainly can. I can tell you how to write the perfect blog post in a variety of niches. I can tell you how to write the perfect blog post for business bloggers and how to write the perfect blog post for dad bloggers. It is not complicated But before I do I am going to address a few loose ends from here and there.

I read that Forbes post about why crazy people make better bloggers and watched my eyes narrow and that vein in my forehead pop out. You know the one I am talking about, it is a clear sign that I am irritated with someone or something. And as you know if you see that in conjunction with my fists flexing it is probably wise to leave me alone.

You don’t need to be crazy to be interesting. You don’t need to have a terminal illness, lost a child, written a book, suffer from PPD or any one of those things to write an interesting blog. You don’t need to be a tortured soul or be in the midst of emotional turmoil of any sort. Fact is that you can be one happy bloke and write the hell out of a blog post.

The key is to let go and just write. Put pen to paper and finger to keyboard and let go. Write, write, write, write and write some more. More on this in a few.

I Disagree All The Damn Time

Lori’s post made me jump up and down a little bit. I suppose it is because I have a hard time understanding why people can’t just disagree with each other without fear. It just drives me nuts. Maybe it is because I am the cranky dad but I disagree with people on a regular basis. I don’t need the world to agree with me. Don’t have to have everyone tell old Jack that he is the smartest person ever. That would be inaccurate and it would suck. BTW, that is not me being self deprecating- just honest.  If the Shmata Queen were here I’d look her in eye and tell her that I am smarter and better educated than most people I meet, especially clevelanders.

The critical thing that is left out of that last sentence is this: Intelligence and education are tools that are only as good as the person using them.

But let’s circle back to the disagreements. Today my son complained about the group projects that he has to do in school. He is irritated because some of the kids can’t seem to get along with each other and he doesn’t want his grade to suffer. I told him that this is good experience for life and that they all need to figure out how to set aside their differences so that they can get their work done.

And then I told him that we don’t need or want a world where we all have the same opinion. We waste too much time trying to get our opinions validated by others. Just stop it.

BTW, Lori wrote a book called The Happy Place. You should take a moment to check it out and see if it resonates with you.

I Am A Writer- Read My Book

That last subhead isn’t written for you but for me. I wrote it because it is what I am- a writer. I have at least 987 books locked inside my head and haven’t published a single one of them yet. That is a serious mistake that I am going to rectify sooner than later. Marcus put together a review of a product that is supposed to make writing an eBook easy but I am having one hell of a time making it work. I like including that in a post where I talk about how smart I am. It reminds me of the Far Side cartoon of the guy who tries to open a door that says push by pulling on it.

Anyway, I promised to teach you the secret of how to write the perfect blog post for any niche. Are you ready? Really? Be certain to move your chairs in closer because I don’t feel like yelling now.

The perfect blog post is written by removing fear, opening your heart and allowing that which hides in the darker corners to see daylight. Yes, it is that simple and that goofy. You see the problem with perfection is that you won’t ever get everyone to agree on what perfection is. The best you can hope for is to gain a majority opinion and when your objective relies upon the subjective it is just not going to happen.

So the real goal here isn’t to try and convince the reader that they have just read the best post that anyone has ever written. The goal is for you to feel like you just wrote the best post you have ever written. The goal is to write a post that makes you feel like your heart was just ripped out of your chest and you can’t breathe. The goal is to write a post that is the essence of you and what you are about. If you feel naked, vulnerable and scared then you just might have something.

Dare to disagree or dare to call me crazy. I wonder if you realize how much blog fodder lies here in this post just begging for someone to talk and or write about it.  I suppose that time will tell. What do you think?

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