Substance Trumps Pretty Packaging

I am tired of listening to the self righteous and indignant blabbermouths who rail on about the need for everything to look perfect. This is a blog. It is not up for an Academy Award- not now and probably not ever. I am not trying to wow you or anyone else with my cinematography. My focus is on the substance and not the superficial.

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  • Gini Dietrich

    You are KILLING me! You ARE Dear Abby. Aren’t you?!? I’ll never know who you really are. That makes me sad.

    • Jack

      Yep, Dear Abby and Ann Landers all in one. Crazy isn’t it. ;)

      Try not to hit me when I am walking down Wacker. You cyclists never pay attention. ;)

  • Elena Patrice

    Hi Jack,

    Great video! Keep your hat however you want, it’s you head, it’s your hat and it’s your deal. I can’t imagine someone telling you to turn your hat around … interesting. I’m 43 with long hair and the only person who seems to have an issue with it is my mother. Why? Because she’s my mother. Honestly, I don’t think about my hair too often.

    Yes packaging is nice, but I must say the best content and keepers are the ones with the least amount of fanfare I’ve seen. I’m too Italian and northern to not comment if I dig something. Some might even think I’m overboard, but hey, “I’m Elena and you’re not, be thankful for that” and just know that’s my genuine make up.

    I don’t get many comments at all and wonder what the heck I’m doing wrong, but the comments I do get are a blessing and kind. I just keep on keepin’ on and what will be, will be. I work very hard to focus on good content; I don’t always hit the mark, but in my heart I know I try, never wanting to give less than what I feel people deserve.

    Thanks so much for your take here … makes me feel better in some way! ;) So, you keep your hat the way you want, I’ll think about my hair more and get back to you. ;)

    Blue skies,


    • Jack

      Mothers are always good for keeping us in line or at least trying to. I am a fan of long hair, always wanted to grow mine out but that doesn’t work for me.

      Got a natural Jewfro that works much better when I keep it short.

      I tend not to pay a lot of attention to what people say to me. I am pretty good at nodding and smiling.

      Easier than fighting about stupid crap.

      • Elena Patrice

        Ha, ha, I’m pretty darn good at the “nod and smile” thing too!! Unfortunately, my eyes give it a way and really, I don’t need to say a word. ;)

  • Seattledad

    I’m a reader and occasional commenter. Comments take time, which we all have so precious little of. But taking the time to read is the biggest compliment.

    • Jack

      Taking time to read is the biggest compliment. People forget how important time is so I am always grateful when people give it to me.

  • Betsy Cross

    You’re crazy! I’m 50, have long hair, and I’m a ditz only 1/2 of the time! I thought, “Where is he going with this?” I was so ready to fight! I love to play with the blog “packaging” because I get annoyed looking at the same thing all the time. That’s why I change my furniture around, too. Weekly.

    • Jack

      You would not be the first person to say that I am crazy. :)