Dear Nintendo I Want This Car

Last month I made a special trip down to the LA Auto Show to see the cars and to hear a special announcement from Nintendo about some new cars that were built for them. I liked the picture that I shared with you but it is not as cool as the video below.

And with Chanukah around the corner I figured that it wouldn’t hurt to ask Nintendo to give me my own Mario Kart.

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  • Gemma

    Omg that is really so cool and good old reggie there good to see him getting so involved got to love nintendo that was cool can we have some F zero cars now please actually looking forwards to playing mario kart 7 omg and i cant belive this is the 7th mario kart is it really?!

  • Hajra

    Toy car? :)

  • Mimi Meredith

    This would so up your “street cred” at your kids’ school! I really want the one that flies. Rush hour congestion would be a thing of the past. Thanks for sharing this, Jack. It started my day with a smile and a nod to a fabulous public relations move!

    • Jack


      A flying car would be awesome. I have always wanted to be like George Jetson.

      Glad you liked this.

  • Radu

    How much does this car costs? It looks funny.

    • Jack

      Hi Radu,

      Good question. I don’t know.