The Hobbit & The Dark Knight Rises

When my children ask me what made me want to become a writer I point to books, pictures, movies and music. I talk to them about the joy of storytelling and the passion I have for making words do more than work.

The power, persuasion and personality that are generated when my words sing my song is so very sweet.  These trailers touch upon it all from different angles but the smile they bring is the same.


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  • The Rebbetzin’s Husband

    I don’t know from Hobbits – but you know where I stand on The Dark Knight.

    • Jack

      Got to love the chanting in that trailer.

  • SactownsPhinest

    @shane_barker The Dark Knight Rises looks amazing

    • shane_barker

      @sactownsphinest Yeah it does!

  • The Hook

    I can’t wait for this cinematic dou! They should both rock hard.

    • Jack

      I am in agreement about not being to able to wait. I feel like a kid. :)

  • suddenlyjamie

    @lorirtaylor Can’t believe we have to wait for The Hobbit until NEXT December. Loving the trailer, though: #lotrgeek :)

  • Motherese

    I am really excited about The Hobbit, though my husband and I think that the Thorin isn’t quite what we imagined as readers. (My guess is they needed to make him easier on the eyes, a la Viggo Mortensen in the trilogy.) But I think the Bilbo looks terrific and I love seeing Ian McKellen and Cate Blanchett (even if she doesn’t really belong in The Hobbit if memory serves).

    Can we still be friends if I admit I never saw The Dark Knight?

    • Jack

      Thorin does look different than I would have anticipated. He kind of looks a bit like a pirate to me which is not very dwarflike at all.

      I am assuming that Cate Blanchett is still playing Galadriel. If memory serves she really doesn’t have a place there either, but that is ok.

      No worries, not required to see the Dark Knight to be my friend, but it helps. ;)

  • ChopperPapa

    I’m ready for the Hobbit. Ready.

    • TheJackB

      @ChopperPapa Me too. I can’t wait. I admit to being a bit giddy with anticipation.

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