A Rant About Irresponsible Parents

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    Ugh. I feel for you and your son. What a horrible thing for your son to have to watch at his age. I would be livid if I was in your position and probably do the same thing. It boggles my mind how thoughtless and irresponsible some parents are.

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      Hi Laura,

      I don’t blame the kids. My son didn’t want to be the boy who wasn’t cool.

      The abrogation of parental responsibility just infuriates me.

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    Faces of Death is hardcore. At 40 something, I don’t want to see it or the sequels. I’ve seen a minute or two and that was enough.

    Reminds me of my ex-wife who likes shock and horror flicks; she has exposed my son to them since forever. That pisses me off. Nothing I can do about it now. But I did break a few TVs along the way.

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    I learned about what went on at a church friend’s all-nighter with about 10 12-17yr-old young men and stand alone to this day with my feelings that my trust was abused. I came early to pick my son (15 at the time) from the sleepover and watched the computer screen that two kids were watching and interacting on. I was stunned at the level of “blood and guts” that I saw on the screen. But what fried me was that I was given NO heads-up about the game, and my son was happy playing it. I’m not a helicopter mom. But I can’t believe I was the only one who had an issue with not asking my permission, and not thinking it through long enough to conclude that there was probably a better game to play. To each his own, I agree. But not MY own!!

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      Hi Betsy,

      I love that last line, ‘To each his own, I agree. But not MY own!!”

      That sums it up. You are right, it is an abuse of trust and something that really is disappointing.

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    Hi Mark,

    Well we are all in it together. It is always nice to have the support of the community.

    I appreciate your coming by and spending time here.

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