Writing Is Not The Hardest Part Of Blogging

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The hardest part of blogging isn’t writing a post or coming up with ideas for what to write about. It is a common misconception that is promoted and promulgated by people like myself who say that content is king.

Those last three words are still true and still critical because content is king and it always will be. But that doesn’t change that the hardest part of blogging are these two things:

  1. Putting Pen To Paper.
  2. Sustaining your effort.

What that means is that the hardest part is moving from beyond the “I think I might write a post” stage to the “I am actually writing a post now.” Call it thought versus action.

And thought versus action is only truly meaningful when you sustain your effort over time. Consistency is critical for multiple reasons. You cannot and will not become a better writer without practice. Consistent blogging creates that practice time.

Consistent blogging helps you improve as a writer and provides you with the place in which you find your voice. And consistent blogging is what provides your readers with knowledge and faith that your words will continue to appear on a regular basis.

That is important unless you don’t care about who reads your words in which case you have to ask yourself why write a public blog.

BLOG IDEAS (Photo credit: owenwbrown)

Write about what you know and write with passion. Give yourself to the reader. Part of the reason that people love my Fragments of Fiction posts (yes, I am patting myself on the back) is because I take pieces of me and put them into the tales I am telling.

Read through Words Left Unwritten and tell me that you can’t find anything to identify with and I will question your sanity. Trust me, I know lots of doctors and I can get you certified as 100 percent nuts if you disagree with me. Ok, I can’t really do that but I like to pretend that I am king of the world.

But I know what I know and that is that most people identify with relationships, both good and bad. I never tell you what is real and what isn’t because I am a pain in the ass and because it brings the reader closer.

When you write what you know it makes it easier to be compelling and to write with authority. If every post is written in “I think that donkeys might be sterile” style you give the reader reason to doubt your expertise. Sometimes it is good for them to do that because unless you are a farmer/rancher or vet you probably don’t know for certain whether a donkey is sterile.

Hell, I am not really sure but I used to know a guy that claimed that he was hung like a donkey. We used to ask Dick why he wanted to be represented by an ass and not a thoroughbred but he never did give a good answer. Hell, I never did care. What difference does it make to me if god has granted you a snake that you can wear as a necktie or a worm that makes the lady ask if you are the victim of a failed circumcision.

Just write.

Donkeys (Photo credit: kudumomo)

I’ll say it again. Just write. Stop worrying about whether you are going to look like an ass and just write. It gets easier with practice.
I won’t say that writing can’t be hard but if you never try than you never learn how to make it easy or at least easier. Sustain your effort and keep pushing. That is not just me as a writer talking either.

Nope that is Jack the dad blogger giving you the sort of advice you might hear from others but will take better from me. Ok, maybe you won’t take it better from me because it is free which is why I should charge you for it.

And that my friends is foreshadowing about a post I am thinking about writing about why you need to charge for advice and services. But we shall save that one for later because I gave myself 15 minutes to write this and I am coming up on 12.5.

It was easy to do because I practice writing all the time and because I understand the difference between thought and action. Do you?


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