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    I remember the Ginsu knife. I wanted one too. But I didn’t get one. I almost did get a Japanese sword that can hack concrete without destroying the blade. I put a $1,000 down payment on it but the remainder was still much and a baby was on the way.

    You know, Jack. I do appreciate your gift to turn out a titillating title. You often do it with just the right sense of irony and playfulness. That’s something I just don’t think I can do. Maybe, I can. But, honestly, it never feels right when I try to trick out the title.

    Funny thing, those ads are stuck in my brain too. I guess that makes them great ads. Yeah, I did Howard Cosell impressions too.

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      Hi Stan,

      I keep forgetting to respond to this, but not because it is not important. Just got caught up with life stuff momentarily.

      Anyhoo, that Japanese sword sounds like it would have been incredible. I figure it might be nice to ride around with a cool Katana in my car, just in case someone cuts me off. Always good to be able to return the favor. 😉

      The most important thing we can do in this wild and woolly blogosphere is just be ourselves. You come up with your own thoughtful pieces that I can’t pull off very well.

      It is part of the fun, these differences and distinctions.

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    Headlines are like images on a menu. The way the food looks is not the reason why you’re eating, but it sure attracts people to order it and eat up.

    That said, it’s continually a challenge for me to “attract” bloggers to the content I write. Granted, a lot of it is personal, and I don’t think everybody in the blogsphere would be interested in the goings on of my family. But on the posts where I have a strong opinion or lesson on something…finding a way to make em come over is key. It’s still a key I have to find, though. Slowly learning.

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      It takes time to build a readership. Give yourself a chance to keep writing, to find your voice and to interact with others. It will work.

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