The Most Frustrating Part Of Blogging

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    Ditto! Not enough time on this coast, either!
    Here’s what I’ve come to realize: it’s ok if I don’t blog as much as I think others think I should. When I blogged more, I had less work. Now that I blog once/week, I have more work. Overly simplistic way of looking at it, but I recognize that I do just enough to keep my presence out there, satisfy my desire to write and express my thoughts, and generate leads. If I do more than that? It’s gravy.

    Sounds like for you, you have multiple interests and goals vying for your attention and blogging may not support them. We put interest where we get the most reward, IMO.

    by the way…love the audio post! Great idea!

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    I’m in your choir. Aren’t we all? I’m going to start something next week I have never done. I’m going to try to work for myself from 8 to noon Fridays. I will close the blog, not comment elsewhere, no social channels, just working for moi. Maybe I can feel better about the time suck I’m in.

    P.S. Wondering if you had music going while you were recording? Kinda sounded disruptive; just sayin…sorry!

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    I can read and comment, but getting stretches of time to formulate thoughts and write them down is very difficult. My house is always busy! I get up early and it’s still a challenge. I think I’m just out of the habit!

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    Maybe you already thought of that but have you thought about recording your blog posts all with a voice recorder. in the car, on the go, in the bathroom and then using a voice transcriber to turn them into text?

    I have the same problem as you. i have all these ideas, all these things i want to do i want to try but i don’t have enough time. Someone once told me i was lucky because they had NO ideas. They were completely stumped. No of course they told me this and then hung up the phone to go and watch an episode of friends so i began to think how lucky i was to have all these ideas and to have them at my disposal rather than having that dead empty space in my head with nothing to do but watch others on t.v.

    Be happy Jack. :)

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