Bad Friends, Cluttered Design & Father’s Day

desperationSixty-seven of the greatest social media minds in midtown Manhattan are currently discussing my blog. It is being explored, investigated, consumed, digested and dissected by gurus and ninjas.

Twenty-seven percent of those people are legally blind, 67 percent are clinically insane and 56 percent have IQs that would make Einstein jealous. Just ask those people and they’ll tell you it is so.

Confession time: I made that up. Every one of those stats and some that I didn’t share.  Don’t feel badly for believing it because many people have a nasty habit of believing everything they read online. We won’t talk about whether they know how to do simple math or how many tried to add up the percentages to see if they equaled 100 percent.

By now it is probably clear to you that I am someone who prefers to do things a little bit differently. That is accurate and not just because I march to the beat of a drummer who has no rhythm.

Bad Friends, Cluttered Design & Father’s Day

I am irritated with some of my friends. I won’t bore you with a long list of reasons nor make excuses for them because I demand a lot. I know that I can come on like a freight train. I know that I am really intense. That is me. It is who I am.

If you don’t like it than you don’t have to be my friend. But understand that if you are my friend I take it seriously when you say things like “I’ll be there for you.” I don’t accept friendship from everyone. I don’t like everyone nor do I expect everyone to like me. But if I say that I am going to be there for you then I will. Do the same for me or don’t bother doing it.

I don’t want a million friends. I want good friends. I want friends to love and those who will love me. We are talking platonic love of course. I am very lucky and blessed to have some of the finest friends anyone could have. But recent events have reminded me that not everyone understands what it means to be a good friend.

If you are among my core group I will fight to the death with you and for you. People remember how you make them feel and when bad things happen they remember if you are there to help. They notice if you are only around when things are good.

Cluttered Design

I am tweaking things again on the blog. It feels a little bit cluttered so I am working on a few things to try to clean it up. One of the things I love about blogging is that it is so easy to turn on a dime and make adjustments.

There are several adjustments in the works. It just takes a little bit of time to make the changes. That is because the budget for my IT department is about $496,000 away from the half million dollars that I want to be in there. Maybe I better start pushing the affiliate links a little bit harder.

One of the areas I am looking at doing something with is my “related links” section underneath the posts. I have to decide if that is adding or taking away.

Father’s Day

If I had to prepare a list of items that I want for Father’s Day they would include but not be limited to the following:

  1. New car
  2. New iPad
  3. Vacation
  4. Time
  5. A huge check so that I could focus on my writing.
  6. New laptop
  7. Something that I won’t share with everyone but means a lot to me.

Life is too short to take real seriously so I do my best not to. It is also too short not to try to live the sort of life that feeds your soul. I wouldn’t say that mine is starving but it is hungry enough for me to notice. Time to make more adjustments.

What is new in your world?

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