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Triberr is one of my favorite social media tools.  I have been a part of it for close to 18 months now, give or take a few days and can say that it has been amazing. It has been exceptionally useful in providing introductions to some great people and it has enriched my blogging experience.

However a tool is only as good/useful as the person using it and I think that I have screwed it up a bit.  Let me explain how and why.

The concept behind Triberr is that you build a tribe of like minded individuals and work together to promote each others posts. If you do it well you increase your reach exponentially and good things happen for everyone.

So now 18 months in I have a reach that exceeds a million people. Let me repeat that, my reach exceeds 1 million people. That is tremendous and would be truly remarkable if it worked that well. The thing is that I know it is not.

My traffic goes up each month and engagement in all areas has increased but I am not seeing the kind of results I could or should. I attribute that to a few things.

  1.  Twitter has turned into more of a broadcast channel than it used to be. It is harder to get attention there.
  2. Not all of my posts are being tweeted.
  3. I am part of the problem and I have solutions.
I’ll probably address this in more detail in a different post but here is the short version.  Some of my tribes are too big and I don’t want to tweet everything that comes through my stream.
  1. Not all of it is relevant to my readers.
  2. I can’t do it without turning my Twitter stream into something that looks like I do nothing but broadcast. Lack of engagement kills your ability to be effective.
I am in the process of modifying how I use Triberr. I expect that when I finish making some of my changes it should have a very positive impact.


Overall I am pleased with the move back to Livefyre but there are some hiccups that irk me. I don’t like how it failed to import some of my comments and I hate the way it duplicated others and that brings me a post I want to revisit Your Perception of Me Is Not My Reality.

It is one of my favorites.

“If you ask my children they will tell you that I speak with them about perception. We talk about impressions and how they impact how others treat us. They know that I am relentless in teaching them to make decisions about others based upon actions. It is the only way to truly know who a person is.

But the contradiction of life is that sometimes you never get the chance to show others who you are because their perception prevents that experience from taking place.

It is not nice, it is not fair and it is not reasonable- but it is reality. And through the years it is going to be a recurring topic in some manner or another.

The one thing that I can tell the kids that has always worked for me is the reminder that “Your Perception of Me Is Not My Reality.” You can have your ideas, your thoughts and your beliefs about who you think I am. But those thoughts, beliefs and ideas don’t have to limit or define who I am.”

I might have to incorporate pieces of that post into the one that I am going to write about Triberr. We shall see. In the interim I am going to work on making the changes I mentioned earlier.

The chance to experiment and shift gears mid stream is part of what I love about blogging. What about you?

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