The Password is Swordfish

This post may not be safe for your eyes or your ears. It is quite likely that you will find it to be so offensive you will have to bleach your eyes and beat yourself over the head with a baseball bat.

Maybe it is because I am going to put the gay in you. If you are a man I am going to wiggle my fingers at you and you will magically be transformed into a man who can’t wait to fellate every man that walks down the street. And lord help you if you happen be near a Chick-Fil-A because you will face an abnormal compulsion to do it on the counter.

Or I just might decide to go a different direction. I just might shake my mighty stick in the faces of liberals who will automatically be turned into Republicans who hate the poor and minorities. Better watch out because you will wind up walking around in sweater vests and be married to frigid spouses who are uptight.

The worst part is that you will be so starved for sex and affection you will go chase it in a park bathroom and instead of affection you will wind up with infection.

Bully on you all. You are all a bunch of peachy people.

Yep, I am pointing my really large finger at everyone. Can’t help but be outraged that we live in a time where it is more important to be right than to help everyone. Better to walk around with your illusions of grandeur about you are smarter than the other guy. Better to stick your nose in the air, roll your eyes and ask your friends how they can associate with those other guys.

I’d like to say that I am kidding. I’d like to say this is over the top but it is not. Read the news, talk to people and you find that huge numbers of people are rooted to being right and not to helping others.

Some of you are in dire need of a week of oral sex, enemas and brain transplants.

That is not pointed at either party but at both parties.


I can’t go to the grocery store without seeing people holding signs asking for help. I can’t exit the freeway without passing more people holding signs asking for help. I can name multiple couples who have lost their homes because they lost their jobs.

Highly educated people who want to work and who were always employed. Some of them are working for $11 an hour which means they are working a ridiculous number of hours to not make enough money to get by.

Several years ago my family got hit hard because of a few medical issues and had to finance $5k worth of unexpected medical bills. We were insured but that is what my share of the cost was. Thankfully nothing more happened and we were able to pay that $5k off with a minimal amount of interest.

Some people don’t get lucky and get stuck with catastrophic healthcare costs.

Until this year I had to send my kids to private school because the local public school wasn’t up to snuff.

This should be unacceptable. The problems with public education should be unacceptable. The lack of affordable housing should be unacceptable.

Sadly they aren’t. Some of it is because people don’t with problems that don’t impact them. Some of it is because our government doesn’t feel the pain of the common man. They don’t have the same challenges so it is easy to ignore.

Misplaced Priorities

I can’t engage in any sort of dialogue with many people because they don’t understand how the system works and are more interested in telling me how it should. Stop it. Just STFU and deal with how it works now.

I can’t listen to people bitch about things and then say they don’t vote. If you don’t vote you need to shut up and get out of the way because you are part of the problem.

It is time to stop licking it around the edges and take the whole damn thing in our collective mouths. It is time to stop having to be right. It is time to set our egos aside and work together to fix things.

Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of faith in that happening. What is more likely is a continuation of the nonsense. I looked at my Facebook feed and noticed how people collected around their side of the fight.

I watched the posts go up around pictures of cars piling up at Chick-Fil-A and read the self congratulatory messages. I did the same with those who said they were boycotting it.

What came to mind was that neither group had a real clue what was going on. All they did was talk to people who agreed with them and used that as a benchmark of success.

The Password is Swordfish

It reminds me of a Marx Brothers Movie. This should be comical. This should be an example of high slapstick comedy punctuated by the ridiculous and inane except it is not.

So I am going to take my judgmental, sanctimonious and snooty self to bed and dream about Duck Soup. Hell I might as well go sleep with a smile on my face.

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