How Many Bloggers Does It Take To Make a Sandwich

More than a couple of you left comments or sent me emails in which you said you weren’t fans of The Princess Bride and though I wanted to shout INCONCEIVABLE at you, I did not.

That is ok, I still might invite you to come sail with the Dread Pirate Roberts.

Blogging can be a funny medium in both the “I can’t stop laughing” and “this is odd” kind of way. I am told that I often make people feel both of those and I am good with that and hope you are too.

Let’s move on.

How Many Bloggers Does It Take to Make a Sandwich

That is the kind of headline I love because there are so many different directions you can run with it. And today my good people I am going to start by letting you know there is a giveaway in this post.

Ta Dah! Cue lights and music.

You’ll notice I didn’t put anything about that giveaway in the headline. That is because many of the folks in my Triberr tribes wouldn’t tweet, stumble and link to this and that would be a shame because there are layers in this post that extend beyond the giveaway. Keep reading and I promise you’ll see what I am talking about.

The SUBWAY FRESH FIT Tuscan Chicken Melt

I like Subway because it is quick, easy and provides more healthy options than other fast food joints. They also get the thumbs up from my kids which makes them almost golden in my book because it means I don’t get stuck in silly fights about what to eat and where.

Ok, that is not entirely true, but I can usually convince them to add more green things on their sandwich than I can at home and that is worth something to me.

This month Subway is promoting the Fresh Fit Tuscan Chicken Melt. I had one for lunch on Monday afternoon and was pleased with my meal. It was good. It was filling and it was probably better for me than the greasy burger and fries I was desperately craving.

Score one for will power.

Anyhoo, this week I am going to give away a $25 gift card to one lucky winner. The rules for this contest are simple:

  1. You must solve and explain Fermat’s Last Theorem.
  2. Compose an original song in my honor and make a video of yourself singing it.
  3. Ignore the first two items and follow the fourth.
  4. Comment on this post and trust that the random number generator will pick a winner.

Now we are going to find out who has solid reading comprehension skills.

If you were here you would have heard me use my D.J. voice to announce that you just finished listening to Adele sing Skyfall, the theme song to the latest James Bond movie.

I am a fan, of both James Bond and Adele.

Adele is blessed with a voice that has exceptional power. If I had the ability to sing well that is what  I want.

Let’s clarify it, I want a powerful man’s voice, not Adele’s. I’d sound funny if I sounded like a British woman. I am not Boy George.

A New Twitter Trick

If you are new to the blog you may wonder if I am capable of sewing all of the different themes, pieces and parts in my posts. My answer is “of course” but ultimately you are the judge.

I opened this post with a clip from a tweet I sent out earlier today. In the past when I wanted to share a tweet I had to take a screenshot or recreate it, but recent changes in Twitter have made it a much simpler process.

Now they give the option to expand the tweet so you can obtain code to embed and render the tweet on your blog. It is what I did above and something I think is quite useful.

Bloggers and Sandwiches

During this last visit to Subway I stood safely ensconced in my electronic bubble and stared at my Droid while trying to figure out how I was going to write the post you are reading.

I watched the three guys behind the counter work together to build and serve the sandwiches and thought about how it is similar to what we do here.

It is goofy, but I could draw a legitimate comparison between how the folks at Subway do their job and how we do ours. We may not ask each reader if they want pickles, lettuce and mustard on their sandwich but we do pay attention to what they are consuming and we do try to serve more of it.

The Fine Print

I observe FTC guidelines and will tell you I was compensated with my own gift card. I will also tell you the contest is open to people residing in the U.S.

Furthermore, while I liked this sandwich it is not my favorite food item on the Subway menu. I tend to lean towards a good Steak and Cheese or one of the egg breakfast sandwiches.

Go on now. Leave a comment and enter the contest. Winner to be picked on Friday.

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