What Does Your Blog Say About You

Writing Books

I don’t know about you but I hate that headline. It lacks personality and isn’t nearly as fun as writing something like The Oral Adventures of Blogging.

Of course that particular headline is a reference to a Thanksgiving dinner where after I was asked to explain the point and purpose of blogging and social media to the table, but only after I had partaken of some ‘spirits.’

Twenty-five years ago those same ‘spirits’ wouldn’t have been an issue because in those days I was far more ‘spiritually inclined’ than I am now so I could have given a proper description about these social media platforms we use.

What Is Your Blog About?

Since I knew I wasn’t providing the sort of clear and concise explanation about how to use some of these platforms I flipped back to blogging because that is easy.

Your blog is a place to tell stories. If it is a personal blog you focus on your stories and if it is a business blog you focus on your customer’s stories and how your business can help them.

In the midst of this ‘spiritual encounter’ I realized that it is probably time to look at what my blog says about me again and to determine if I am happy with it.

The Most Important Page

I suppose we could debate about how to determine about what a blog says about you. We could spend time talking about content, design and whether there is a mission statement.

But I’d rather focus on the “About Me” page of a blog because if people are really interested in you that is where they go to learn more about you.

I wrote my “About Jack” page more than a year ago and have made very few changes to it. It is probably time for an update.

How Often Should You Update The “About” Page?

My best answer is to review your page quarterly and then determine if any significant changes have taken place that are worth noting.

I see several things worth tweaking on mine,  but I’ll keep those items to myself..for now.

On A Serious Note

On a serious note what we post can last forever so it makes sense to think about what we are doing and if it is in line with whatever goals we may have.

Sometimes these words and pictures are all that people have to judge us by. So what does your blog say about you.

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