A good work ethic

We hear/read discussions regarding the necessity and the desire to find someone with a “good work ethic.” It is a highly desirable trait and one that has multiple definitions because it really is subjective.

Some people are good at sitting down at a task and just working at it until it is completed. They will not take a break or stop until they are done with what they set out to do.

Others just can’t work that way and do what they need to do in bursts of energy, which is the way that I prefer to work. And then are those people that are just downright lazy.

But a good work ethic does not mean that the quality of work is always as solid as the desire and effort to work hard. Sometimes you are placed in situations in which you are just wearing the wrong hat, you don’t have the right tools for the job. It requires a flat head and you brought a phillips screwdriver.

That being said I am placed in a position all the time where my clients ask me to do their work for them. None of them have the balls to come out and just ask me to do it, but nonetheless they do. It makes me crazy. I have enough work to do without those lazy bastards adding to my workpile. If I wanted more work I’d tell Dubya to step aside and begin my own reign of terror. Bwahhahah.

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