How does the world survive

: “The world is sustained by three things:

By justice, by truth, and by peace.

�Rabban Shimon ben Gamliel”

There are some very interesting discussions that can be had when discussing this quote. Honesty is something that is often in short supply, yet we should remember that even when we are what some people call “brutally honest” we are not always being honest. Sounds like a contradiction, but here is what I mean.

Some people promote themselves as being purveyors of peace. They work as arbiters, social workers or could just be friendly ambassadors who enjoy trying to resolve disputes. The issue is that when you try and solve disputes it is not always possible to do so when you are so honest that you do not hold back. Some people cannot handle that kind of honesty and even though what you may say is true they may choose to continue to fight.

Example: Two boxers engage in a 12 round battle. The fight ends and one is declared the winner. The judges describe the winner as having “destroyed” the other. Consequently the loser’s ego is so seriously bruised that he attacks the winner and is subjected to another beating. That may sound simplistic, but consider how our own egos can cause us to act in ways that are not smart nor beneficial to our own well being. Sometimes it is better to be more diplomatic in our descriptions of “truth.”

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