Car seat and labor

The wife is getting tired of being pregnant. We’re less than two weeks away from D-Day and she is ready to “pop this baby out.” Of course, now that is hitting 100+ I can understand it.

So tonight she sent me to Caioti for the salad

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So I picked up dinner and brought it back and now we wait and see what happens. I am really tired and I have a ton of work at the office. I am hopeful that we can get through the week. Friday night is a-ok with me. But whenever the baby comes will be good.

Anyway, we decided that tonight would be a good time to put the second car seat in our CRV. We need to see how it fits and get our older son used to the idea of sharing the car. It was about 8 or so when we started and it was just beginning to get dark. The first time we squeezed them in we tried to stick the baby’s seat in the middle and the other on the passenger side.

Only one problem, they didn’t fit. So then we tried moving one behind the driver and one behind the passenger. It fit, but we decided that we needed to switch our older child’s seat into the driver’s side, so we started over and wrestled them into place.

Meanwhile we have this 3.5 year old climbing through the car barking out orders and honking the horn. It was all age appropriate behavior, but it made it tough to make things happen, especially as he kept trying to sit in his seat so that we could go for a ride.

To make a long story longer there in the twilight we eventually got both seats into place and were ready to come back in when we decided to just try it out. Lo and behold we found out that his seat is not locking properly. And now our Britax Roundabout is going to be taken back to the Right Start so that they can explain why a two year old seat suddenly broke.

I need this like a hole in the head, but hey, it could be worse. Life is full of funny stories.

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