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Well, it is time to play with more of the new features of this Blog. Yesterday my father had an angiogram  ( It was supposed to be just a simple formality so that he could be assured that there are not any additional issues with his heart.

It was July 16th, my parents 37th wedding anniversary and exactly one day short of completing a full 90 days in New Jersey, much longer than the 2 weeks they had intended to stay.

So as an anniversary gift my dad is going to receive a bypass and my mother get’s to hang out in NJ for another 6 weeks or so. It could be less,  but it could be more.

In the interim the babywatch continues. Any day now, any time and I’ll witness the birth of another child. And while this goes on I still have to worry about my parents and my grandparents. I am feeling like a very old 35. Of course if you were to see me with my son you might think that I am the biggest 5 year-old you have ever seen.
It is just so much fun to play with him.

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