Yahoo! News – Priest and nun convicted after car romp

The headline here caught my eye. It is just too funny not to post, how absurd.

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  1. Tim, what took you so damn long to get here? Must have been held up in the speed trap in New Rome, OH — eh?

  2. Jack's Shack says

    Hi Tim,

    I’ll keep that in mind. I guess that I need to slam Jersey in one of these posts so that more people will feel like they have come home, 😉

  3. Anonymous says

    Hey Jack my first time posting here.

    I hope Shadow doesn’t read this story. When I post any story about Priests I’m blasted. Hey if they would leave the kids, and Nuns alone I wouldn’t have anything to post.

  4. Jack's Shack says

    I am surprised that no one made any remarks here. It is just so inviting.

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