George Will: Party conventions and platforms

George Will: Party conventions and platforms: “It is commonly said that “9/11 changed everything.” But it did not really change the basic fact of today’s politics. Even before 9/11, the 57-point disparity between Bush’s support from Republicans (88 percent) and Democrats (31 percent) was larger than any polling had ever recorded for any president. Strange but true: The 36 days following the 2000 election — Florida — may have had a bigger impact on American politics than did Sept. 11, 2001.”

It is not that profound, but I agree with will about the 36 days. It points to a central issue in which some Americans accept and others deny Bush’s legitimacy as POTUS. And if from the beginning you do not think that he should be POTUS it makes every other real or imaginary mistake that much more egregious.

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