Hypocrisy and logic

It has been quite a week. The email inbox has been the receptacle of some poor logical constructs about all sorts of things. I say poor because the type of thing that I have received has been similar to this.

“Jack, you are a man. Jack-the-Ripper was a man too. Therefore you must be him.”

Glad to see that the UN inspectors are among the readers here. It just makes me shake my head, especially when I read the rest of these notes. Wild accusations and just ridiculous notions. It makes me wonder if these folks placed all of their eggs in the Enron basket and then blame the world for all of their problems.

That doesn’t absolve Ken Lay of blame, but it does serve as a reminder that diversification is important. High risk, high reward, but the penalty is stiff.

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  1. Jack's Shack says


  2. Finally after all these years the mystery of jack the ripper has been solved haha.

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