Yahoo! News – Accuser Files Civil Suit Against Bryant

Yahoo! News – Accuser Files Civil Suit Against Bryant”DENVER – The 20-year-old woman accusing Kobe Bryant of rape filed a federal lawsuit against the NBA star Tuesday, seeking unspecified damages for pain, suffering and ‘public scorn, hatred and ridicule’ she has suffered as a result of the alleged attack. ”

Based upon what I have read and heard this appears to me to be a complete sham and a travesty of justice. That is, I have severe doubts that there was anything but consensual sex there. Kobe is guilty of adultery or so it appears. In the end the only two people who know for certain are the two parties.

But this case has stunk for a long time. The DA jumped ship and is no longer the one prosecuting the case. It certainly gives the appearance that he left because he didn’t think that he could win.

As for the accusers claims of public scorn and suffering I would say that Kobe could say the same thing. He has been tarred with a a broad brush and subjected to the same things that she claims she is suffering from. If he is really guilty you could argue that this is appropriate, but if he is not then he has unnecessarily been subjected to a horrific experience at the hands of a woman who is universally known to be mentally unstable.

Who knows what really happened, but it certainly is a lesson for others to learn from. Sad, sad, sad.

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