The Amazing Race continued

Not a bad episode. I still can’t stand Mirna and Shmirna. They are so annoying. Chip and Kim still make me smile, the brothers finally began to grow on me, but a little too late.

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  1. kselibrary says

    Schmirna has got to be the person you love to hate. Both of them irk the bejeezus out of me. Shmirna however is a whining loon. I still can’t get over the fact that she is an attorney.

    For laughs go to and get a look at others perspectives on these two. Funny.

    Chip and Kim all the way. I just like his vibe, and how he treats his woman. Kim is also just sweet. Chips excitement over seeing what he is seeing is wonderful.

    I am sooooo glad the brothers are gone. Watching all that hobbling was starting to get to me. It was hard to watch. Hopefully he’ll get those knees looked into! OUCH…can you spell orthroscopic surgery?

  2. Jack's Shack says

    Initially the brothers irked me, but I thought that the way they kept fighting on without bitching at each other was nice. It made me appreciate them.

  3. I liked last nights episode, I do not have a fave team yet. I really felt sorry for the brothers, that would be the worst to have an injury like that.

  4. I felt sooo bad for Marshall when he had to descend 350 ft. in sheer pain. Ouch. Funniest lines last night:

    Brandon on mule: “I want to have kids”
    Shmirna: “Colin’s girlfriend is so submissive that he dominates her.”

    Go Chip and Kim. They are my faves!!

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