Yahoo! Sports – MLB – Griffey to miss rest of season with torn hamstring

“CINCINNATI (AP) — Ken Griffey Jr. will miss the rest of the season because of a torn right hamstring, the latest setback in a long line of injuries for the All-Star outfielder. ”

I always have enjoyed watching Junior play, but there is no doubt that he is not quite the same. The injuries and age have caught up with him. At 35 I am on the tale end of my sports career, at least the imaginary professional sports career I dreamt of. It is strange to think that at this point I would be one of the older guys on the team.

I play pickup ball several times a week and often find myself playing with guys who are 10-15 years younger. I end up using guile and craft to compensate for the difference in age. It is hard to admit that I can’t play everyday anymore without my back starting to show the signs. Basketball places a lot pounding on a body and I just don’t know how to play at anything less then full intensity.

Anyway, Junior is a contemporary, so this is just a little surreal.

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