The Race is Still Amazing

I really enjoyed this episode, liked seeing the two @%^%^#^ eliminated and enjoyed what little part of Africa I was able to see. I love to travel and this show just caters to that, especially since the challenges can be so very interesting.

I’d have to OD on Immodium, but I could definitely do this show.

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  1. Stacey August 18, 2004 at 1:54 pm

    I was so excited that Chip & Kim finished in 1st place that I started jumping up and down and almost fell off my treadmill. They are my faves, by far. Their excitement and enthusiasm over being in Africa was really moving.

    Now that Shmirna and Charla are gone, my least favorite team is Colin and Twitty. I was roaring each time he barfed up that ostrich egg. What a baby. And had she blocked the entrance of the airport I would’ve pushed her out of the way. They irritate me.

    And what was up w/Phil? The show came so close to jumping the shark when he cried during Charla’s farewell speech. I mean, it’s not like she said anything she hasn’t said in every other episode. Or maybe he was just crying because he’ll miss being felt up my Shmirna?

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