More on Friedman the Gold medalist

“After the ceremony, Friedman said: “I didn’t believe that so many people would come to the ceremony. Everyone sang the ‘Hatikva’ with such intensity that people were in shock, they didn’t understand where it came from.” Friedman added that he also hoped to win the gold medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon called to congratulate Friedman after the ceremony. Sharon said: “An entire nation held its breath today in the afternoon during the last race. We were all excited to see you win. We always knew that you are worthy of a medal and you got it. The confidence and serenity you demonstrated throughout the contest were remarkable. You are truly a great sportsman. Israel is very proud of you,” Sharon added.”

It is so cool to see that with everything going on in Israel there are nice things like this going on. Just a nice respite from some of the daily challenges.

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