Jews for Judaism

This is an organization I support wholeheartedly. There is an insidious campaign of duplicity and deception being waged against Jews around the world. It is being conducted by missionaries who are under the misguided impression that by trying to convert Jews they are acting in some kind of “holy” manner.

Sadly this is often sanctioned by ignorant and misguided evangelical groups as being necessary. I have had them tell me that they are doing this for my own good, as if I am a child who does not know enough to make my own decisions.

I do not bow down to religious terror and nor should anyone else. One of the ways to combat this plague is to make sure that you are educated about your faith and heritage so that the wool cannot be pulled over your eyes.

I hope and pray that these poor souls will come to understand that even things done with good intentions can be evil and I find this type of behavior to be right on that line. You can believe what you want, but there is no need to try and ram it down someone else’s throat.

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