Alaska Brown Bears Gather for Salmon Feast

Alaska Brown Bears Gather for Salmon Feast

Sat Aug 28, 9:15 PM ET

By MARY PEMBERTON, Associated Press Writer

McNEIL RIVER, Alaska – Each summer, the falls at McNeil River turn into a mosh pit of bears. Instead of thumping music, it’s the sound of salmon slapping their way up the falls at the McNeil River State Game Sanctuary that sends the bears into a fishing frenzy.

This summer, an exclusive group of 257 people was allowed into the 114,400-acre state sanctuary in an extraordinary opportunity to see close up one of the most feared predators on the planet.

“It is just awesome,” said Uleta Clark, of Upper Kenai, whose name was selected by lottery to visit the sanctuary. “You aren’t going to see this anywhere else.”

That sounds so cool. I’d love to see it.

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