Islamic Terror- The reasons for it are scary

I agree with David who says “This story really confirms what I have been saying all along: Islamic terrorism is all about supplanting Western civilization with one based on Islam. Countries like Israel and the US are feeling the brunt of it because they are standing in the way.”

If you read the Al- Jazeera account of the kidnapping of the French journalists the reason for it is not because of the war in Iraq or the peace process but the following:

“In a statement sent to Aljazeera, the group demanded the French government end a ban on Muslim headscarves for the release of the captives.”

What this continues to demonstrate is that there is a desperate need for moderate Muslims to speak out and not allow the radicals to co-opt their religion. Among the many problems facing the West are those here who are unable to accept that there are people who will butcher them and their families in the name of G-d. Not all Muslims are bad/terrorists/evil but until they clearly speak out and take their religion back the war of East versus West will come closer and closer.

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