US Women and the Olympics

I thought it fitting to pay tribute.

In all three major team sports fielded by the U.S. in these 2004 Games, the women won gold medals.

In none of those sports did the U.S. men do the same.

American women here reminded us of a truth that has been lost all across America, somewhere between two-handed touch and six-year contracts, between T-ball and beanball.There is no “my” in team. There is no “buy” in team.

From softball players carrying their coach, to soccer players carrying a farewell message, to basketball players carrying each other.

From Lisa Fernandez’s dugout meetings, to Julie Foudy’s midfield pleadings, to Dawn Staley’s sideline chats.

“For so many years, women in our country have been only too happy to play for the approval of applause,” said Vivian Stringer, U.S. assistant basketball coach. “Money-wise, they have made peanuts, so they play to make people happy, working hard and doing it the right way.”

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