American Airlines Flight 587- Was it terrorism

Daniel Pipes revisits this topic fresh off of the recent “revelations” of a Canadian Security Intelligence Service report written in May 2002 and made public on Aug. 27, 2004 by Stewart Bell in Canada’s National Post.

Essentially this says that American Airlines Flight 587 did not crash but was taken down by Al Qaeda with the terrorist using a shoe bomb. Every time I read “shoe bomb” I can’t help but think of “Get Smart.” Someone bring down the “Cone of Silence” while I finish this.

I am not an expert on these affairs and certainly this is possible, but I would think that it is just as likely that Al Qaeda would like to claim responsibility for as many incidents like this as possible. If you want to promulgate terror you want people to view you as being omnipotent.

Certainly if I was OBL I would want people to think that I can get to them any time I want. Being able to claim something like this helps to add to this myth..

However I do agree with Pipes that this should be thoroughly investigated. It would be wrong to simply brush this off as that type of behavior is what permitted the terrorists to successfully execute their plans on 911.

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