Another Political convention

As I mentioned when the Democrats held their self-congratulatory party I find these conventions to be staged and dull. They make good photo ops. The candidate stands before a crowd that offers thundering praise and support for his every belch, burp and remark about anything and everything.

The problem is that because of the Media impact we do not hear real ideas/thoughts/plans about how the candidate is going to implement change and legislation to improve our lives and positions. It is a problem for all parties. I find it to be irritating.

If you say that you are going to improve the economy/security/build jobs or provide healthcare tell me how you intend to do it. Why should I believe you? If I ask my son to clean his room he’ll provide me with a list of excuses why he can’t and a timeline of when he will get it started. If I press him he will even tell me when it will be completed.

Why can’t you Mr. President and Mr. Candidate to replace the POTUS.

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