More about the technical diffculties or why does this look different

Ok, after a lot of hard work I have finally “restored” my Blog. My expertise does not lie in programming and I am not really a detail person, but when I decide to focus on something I can be “pit-bullish” in my determination to succeed.

And I was determined to figure out what the hell happened. I tried to to use the auto-install of Haloscan and that ^%$T^^%^ the whole thing up. And then I went bonkers along with the fercockteh computer and template trying to restore it.

So that is why you now see a very white interface. It was a whole process and I am pleased to pat myself on the back and say I figured it out myself. But I will likely not mess with this for some time again as that was a hassle. And if I do I won’t be so foolish as to not have made a clean backup so that I can correct my mistakes.

My apologies for the issue and now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

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