Putin links plane disaster to Al-Qaeda

“SOCHI, Russia : Russian President Vladimir Putin linked last week’s downing of two passenger airliners to the Al-Qaeda network and said it was evidence of the presence of international terrorism on Russian soil in Chechnya.

“The fact that an international terrorist organization linked to Al-Qaeda took responsibility for the blowing up of two planes shows once again the link between destructive elements in Chechnya and international terrorism,” Putin told reporters.”

Tom Clancy wrote a book that semi-predicted cooperation between the US and Russia in fighting terror. Don’t be surprised to see it happen.

It is also interesting to see what the French and Germans had to say on this:

Both Chirac and Schroeder gave Putin a wide berth in dealing with Chechnya, voicing support for what they described as his efforts to obtain a political solution to the separatist crisis there.

“A political solution is necessary and this is what Russia wants,” the French president said.”But a political solution has a limit,” he added.

“It is a limit that everyone can understand and that no one can seriously contest … the territorial unity of the Russian Federation”.Schroeder offered similar backing for Putin, saying that presidential elections held in Chechnya on Sunday “demonstrate that Russia wants a political solution” there.”

We will continue to look for a solution in critical solidarity,” the German leader added.

Should I wonder if they’ll lend the same support to Israel.

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