U.S. Acting to Block Syrian Meddling in Lebanon

“UNITED NATIONS, Aug. 31 – The United States and France decided Tuesday to rush forward a Security Council resolution calling on Syria to remove its troops from Lebanon and cease its intervention in that country’s politics.

The action comes in response to a sudden decision by the Lebanese cabinet over the weekend to endorse a Syrian-backed move to let President Émile Lahoud stay in office for three years beyond the constitutional limit of a single six-year term.

Mr. Lahoud, whose term is to expire in November, is favored by Syria, which exercises extensive control over politics in Lebanon and has kept 20,000 troops there despite the 1990 accord ending the 15-year Lebanese civil war that called for the eventual departure of all foreign forces.”

Boy that would be a nice change of pace. With a little help the Iranian support of Hezbollah will disappear as well and things will really start moving, but somehow I don’t see that.

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