This is a topic that has come up on the Blog before and been presented for consumption, but I thought that I would throw it out again. I find it interesting to listen to people present their thoughts and comments about religion/politics/life/philosophy in general.

Part of what I find so interesting is that almost everytime these conversations occur you can guarantee that there will be a collision between faith and logic. Someone will declare with perfect faith something that is simply not logical and not unfrequently factually questionable. But they’ll say so with great fervor and insist that because they experienced xyz that means that it must be true for all people. And what I find over and over is that what I experience is different from you, even if we are both there at the same time.

I also find it interesting to listen to the newly converted (it can be any topic politics, religion etc) and to hear them preach about how they have finally seen the light. Those with more chutzpah will even try to tell you where you fall short, why you fall short and suggest that if you only thought like they do you would be ok. Pretty funny stuff.

So the question for me is why do you believe what you believe? How do you know that it is right for you? Have you considered other opportunities? Have you educated yourself about other opportunities and if you had a hammer, would you hammer out danger? Would you hammer out warning?

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