Iran says will launch first satellite in April

This raises some interesting questions. Actually the questions were already there, but we haven’t discussed any of them.

Who is entitled to technology is the simplest way to say it. That means exactly what it says. Who is entitled to own understand technology that can be used for ill.

The reality is that this in many ways is a subjective question. Depending on what side of the fence you stand on your answer can vary. Countries that are diametrically opposed to your POV are probably not the ones you want to have access.

In concept you’d probably like to provide all people with the finest in medical technology. It is for the greater good and you’d think that it would be a good thing for everyone.

But when you start to discuss space (satellites, travel etc) and nuclear capability you begin to uncover an area that can be very dangerous to your land if it becomes available to countries that are on the other side of that proverbial line and have a history of causing trouble.

So it begs the question of what do you do to prevent the transmission of this technology. How far do you go and what is reasonable. Can you kill innocent people so that their gov’t will not gain this technology. They may not even use it for ill, but maybe they will. How far do you go?

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