Yentl the MatchMaker Meet Mendel the Movie maker

“There is a hard core of Haredim – the straitlaced Lithuanian faction that is opposed to all trappings of “moderna,” or extremist Hasidic sects like Neturei Karta and Satmar. Even the Belz Hasidim recently issued a sweeping ban on the film-watching.

“In these densely populated communities, ” one Hasid explains, “it’s impossible to hide anything from the neighbors or friends, so the ban is being observed.”

I am not a fan of isolationism and think that it leads to multiple problems. But the real story here is not about those who do not watch, but the many who do. Life keeps moving, it is never stagnant and it is important to evolve with the times.

None of that precludes maintaining tradition and knowing who you are.

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