They are terrorists

I have been bouncing around the web and again and again we see a lack of moral clarity being exhibited regarding the terrorists who intentionally and maliciously attacked children.

And that problem lies with the journalists and publications who refer to these people as “hostage takers,” “insurgents,” militants or one of the other cute terms they provide.

This is a critical point. When you make excuses for this kind of behavior you help to promulgate it’s acceptability. You provide the loopholes that are completely unnecessary and irresponsible.

If these murderers had attacked an army base, if their targets had been solely military it might be different. But that is not the case. Write your newspaper, your network, your talkshow host and let them know that you are not sheep, you are not stupid and that you know right from wrong.

This is wrong and it should not be tolerated. Few things are black and white, but this is pretty close. They murdered children and they deserve a black punishment for it.

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