Parents who cannot say no

I would be lying if I said that I didn’t shake my head almost the entire time I read this article. I find it hard to believe that parents cannot understand the value and need to say no and provide structure for their children.

I am not Dr. Phil and make no claim to be the world’s greatest father, but some things are just products of common sense.

No one likes to fight with their children. No one wants to work all day and then engage in this kind or protracted negotiating, but if you want to raise a child who can take care of themselves and has a sense of responsibility, accountability and the ability to understand that it is ok to work for things you have to do it.

But I am more than willing to toot my horn about this and to ask other parents to set limits because it does make life easier for all of us. Build a community of children who understand that there are limits and that hard work provides it’s own rewards and we all benefit.

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  1. Jack's Shack says

    Glad to see that we are all in agreement, the problem lies in the people who do not do this. But I wouldn’t expect to hear from them here, nor am I really interested in calling them on the carpet. But they should hear from other parents that it can be done.

    On a slightly different note is there a better “job” in the world. I don’t think so.

  2. Parents who can’t say no and stick to it are the biggest threat to a happy functional family.

  3. My children were told no plenty of times. They were also taught the value of the work ethic by having jobs on the family farm. Sure I heard all about it…how they were abused by having to work, looked down upon by their peers because they didn’t have the latest gadget and how their lives were completely ruined by having awful parents. Would I have done it any other way? NO! Now they are both in their 20’s, they are finishing up their education, their job prospects are excellent, and they are both independent and hardworking. Too many parents are afraid that their children will not LIKE them if they say no. Of course, your child will not like you if you say no but it does pay off in the end.

  4. My kids have limits… I know them and they know them and they know when they are over the line, and what the consequences will be. And the consequences are swift in coming. As a result it’s peace order and good government 🙂

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