Intentions are important

I enjoyed this article, it hit on a variety of things that are meaningful to me. The concept is something that I think is important. How many times have we hurt someone and apologized because our intent was not to hurt them. At what point do we “shake our fist” at someone and say that good intentions are meaningless if you keep hurting me.

And how do we make the determination that some people need more time because they truly are trying and or are incapable of making changes, rather implenting the changes that they need to create in order to prevent the continuation of the offensive act.

From a Judaic standpoint I think that davening is something that should be intimate, it should be so personal that you feel stripped to the bone. I know that for me when I get to this point I feel the most satisfaction, yet if I become conscious of feeling this way I am embarrassed. I get redfaced and I lose my connection. It is quite a challenge to maintain the balance.

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