What do I make of this article?

I find this article to be troubling for many different reasons. One is that I don’t really know much about the author or the publication. It kind of gives me the “willies” because there is something here that doesn’t ring true to me.

I have provided a link and here is an excerpt for your review:

“Dear Jews, everywhere, I would like to point out the time bomb likely to explode in your faces. It has already been detonated in France. When it happens in the country you call home, you may be shocked and unprepared, so I present this letter to you as a warning. In it, I will inform you of some basic facts – facts that can never be changed.

1. You are a Jew, whether you like it or not.It doesn’t matter if you change your name. It doesn’t matter if you convert. You say you don’t think of yourself as Jewish? Perhaps Judaism is just too far beneath your enlightened consciousness. Well tough luck – it’s still a part of who you are. I know, I know, this is the modern world.

In America, Jews are first class citizens. But it really is “only in America” where Jews enjoy equal status. Perhaps you have forgotten that with the exception of the United States and Israel, Jews in all other countries suffer the stigma of the outsider. Granted that your personal future looks bright since you overcame your ancestry, however, you mistakenly believe that you are a member of the elite club of secular society.

As I mentioned the link in the headline will take you to the complete story. What to make of this, I wonder…

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