Is Israel ‘Swing State’ That Could Tip U.S. Election?

Some people will insist that it is only because I am a big time Zionist that I am concerned with the title of this article, but I think that there is an issue with it. And here is why. Within the article it says:

“This time, American expatriates — estimated to number between five million and 10 million — are being courted like never before by Democrats and Republicans.

Israel, sometimes referred to as the “51st state” for its embrace of all things American, has become a key battleground.

It is home to an estimated 250,000 U.S. citizens, America’s fifth-largest community abroad, many hailing from swing states such as Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan.”

It seems to me that the bigger article is about expats and their influence in general on the elections. If there are four other larger communities abroad I’d be interested in knowing more about them too.

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