You can’t have sex with a dead person

I meant to write about this the other day and I am not sure what happened. Actually I can guess, I got distracted, sidetracked and or waylaid on the way to post.

That being said I am working very hard not to make any sarcastic remarks here, such as “maybe I should be arrested as this sounds like it is describing my life with my ex.” Bump da bump please. In truth, I haven’t any ex that it could describe, but it is just begging for a comment.

I wonder about the need for legislation such as this and what the real necessity is. Also, it makes me wonder about something else.

If you are having relations with someone and they die during the act can you be prosecuted for violating this prohibition if you don’t stop immediately? That in itself is problematic for many reasons.

1) Who would admit to having had intercourse with someone who died during it? You could be ridiculed for being so boring that someone died rather than stay with you. OTOH, you could say that it was so good that they took the expression “I died and went to heaven” literally.

2) If you did acknowledge any of this, are you qualified to pronounce them as being dead? Technically there is clinical death and biological death. You can be brought back from clinical death. Biological death is “dead” period, end of story. Someone say mechayeii Maytim or kaddish or something. I am irreverent at times.

3) So if you are not an MD and you are not technically qualified to pronounce someone as being dead you might have something to discuss with the judge that could help save your butt in court.

The real question I am asking myself now is why I am discusssing this and how I even got onto this kind of topic. I’ll have to save it for the next time I have to entertain one of my clients and there is a lull in the conversation. I am guessing that discussing necrophilia will either liven things up or kill the conversation.

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