Bloggers knew!

“The CBS mess variously known as “Forgerygate” or “Rathergate” is by any other name a seminal moment in the blogosphere that holds promise not only for revolutionizing journalism, but also perhaps for problem-solving on a global scale.

And why not?

Still in relative infancy, the blogosphere – that new galaxy within the journalism universe wherein citizen journalists known as bloggers (short for keepers of Web logs) chat among themselves through mutual links and commentary – has defined itself in large part as a vehicle for challenging the mainstream media (MSM).

Bloggers love fact-checking television and newspaper reporters and commentators, for instance, and have proved themselves both energetic and competent on both fronts.”

The full story can be found through the link above. Obviously. I am blogging, which makes me a blogger, but that does not mean that I am a credible blogger. And the point of this is that I think that what we do here in cyberspace is important, but it also offers a few problems.

The primary issue is that there are still many people who believe that if it is in print, it must be true or close to it. Now you can call me a snob for saying it, but I really believe that large numbers of the public just accept whatever you feed them regardless of the medium.

So while I will keep reading many different blogs, there are relatively few that make me think that they have inside information and or a keen enough grasp of the situation to make me view them as a trusted resource.

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