Hurricane- Lion’s, Tigers & Bears Oh My!

“Sgt. Skip Callaway knew the streets would look like a green snowfall, and that roofs would come off and trees would blow down. He was even prepared to find death on the morning after Hurricane Ivan hit his beachfront town.

But standing at the intersection of Route 59 and Zoo Drive on Thursday, Callaway still found it hard to contemplate just how much change a storm like Ivan demands of its primary targets.

To his right was a crumpled restaurant. Straight ahead was the Gulf of Mexico, about a half-mile farther inland than it used to be. Two-foot waves were capping where Callaway estimated street signs should have stood.

Then shots rang out to his left, beyond the flooded parking lot of a shopping center. Employees of the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo were trying to find and kill their escaped alligators before any of them got too far.”

Now there is a hell of a scenario. Can you imagine coming back from having been evacuated and finding an alligator or some other animal living in your frontyard.

Does your homeowner’s insurance cover that? On the bright side you might have enough alligator hide to sell dozens of shoes, belts and other items that you can use to pay off your deductible.

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