There is joy in music-And more in forcing your children to listen to yours

My son is an avid music lover, but he loves his music more than he loves mine. I listened to the Wiggles, Thomas, Bob the Builder and Endless Disney tunes.

And then I retaliated with the following:

Eminem, Harry Chapin, Leonard Bernstein, Hank Williams Jr., Johnny Cash and Simon & Garfunkel among others. He hit me with some kind of kids muzak version of recent pop tunes. It was a devastating blow and my head reeled.

But dear old dad recovers quickly and I smacked him with Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Peter Gabriel, Neil Diamond, The Dead, Led Zeppelin, David Broza and just because some Carlebach.

If I do my job he and my daughter will grow up with an appreciation for many kinds of music. And in the short term I may yet convince him to listen to something that doesn’t make my head hurt.

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