Sex With The Ex

No story here, I just liked the way that sounds. Now if I married a woman named Xena I could call her “The Ex” and then it would be an ordinary story of conjugal relations between a man and a woman.

But I’d have to make it The “X” and that could be so cool we might be able to come up with a line of merchandise. Get “X” lingerie, perfume, action figures, board games, video games and more. The “X” could go on television and do the talk show circuit, write a best-selling book and more.

Although this could be bad, what would happen if the “X” became so famous she decided that she was tired of me and wanted someone new. Well then I might have to change my name to the “Y” and I could win her back with tales of a brand new variety show called the “The X & Y Factor” or something more clever.

Come to think of it I should be the “X.” I always wanted to be known as Mr. X.

I am only 35, there is still time. “X” marks the spot and “Mr X” owns the spot that you want to party, play and eat at. Illusions of grandeur are fun aren’t they.

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