No wonder we’re getting so fat

The premise of this opinion piece is that a number of large corporations have an inordinate amount of power and influence over how Americans eat. And he essentially posits that because of there is a need for legislation to try and help.

“Current public policies allow the mega-eight companies (along with the rest of the 40 largest that sell 80 percent of our groceries) to market any food in any legal manner they choose. There are no legal requirements for companies to consider the weight implications of their marketing and product activities. According to the USDA, we now eat an overweight-guaranteeing 2,700 calories per day, a 530 calorie or 24.5 percent increase since 1970!These 40 large companies, which have grown significantly in their market shares, are the source of many of these calories (fun food and otherwise). The mega-companies’ market structure — coupled with the epidemic of overweight Americans — compels an examination by the US Congress, not for any legal wrong doing, but for their all-persuasive influence on our unhealthy eating.”

I have a problem with this because what it says to me is that the general public is not smart enough to understand that they have been eating a poor diet and that there are potential repurcussions from doing so.

If there is any sort of government mandate I would think that it should be for education in the schools so that children understand the relation between their diet and health.

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